Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Completion Date of Documentary Pushed Back

We have realized we are going to have to push back the estimated date of completion for our documentary. After much thought, it seems that the final version will not be completed until Summer 2008. There is much work to be done in the editing stage because we have so much great material. We have over 30 hours of interviews and I want to be able to find the best pieces to put together and do the best job possible.
The good news is that I will be attending the final 354th Fighter Group Reunion in Ohio. We will be able to interview the men who we have not interviewed yet. (We have had to cancel the remainder of the trips we were going to take this summer to interview some of the men at their homes. We are hoping to interview these men at the reunion instead. It is much more cost effective this way.) Also by pushing back our deadline, we will be able to apply for more finishing grants.

We are planning to update this website with video files of more complete sections of the film as they are finished being edited.

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