Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Preview Trailer of "Heroes" is on youtube

This is a sampling of what "The Heroes of the 354th Fighter Group" will be like. This is the sample reel I completed a few months and gave to the men on DVD. I will be updating this when I get back from my last trip for this film. Not exactly a complete trailer, this reel gives the viewers a chance to see some of the men we have met and some of the stories we will be featuring. We have interviewed a few men who are not in this version of the sample reel. I hope to update this with all the men when I get back from my trip to Ohio. (This presentation is © by Jon Teboe, except for the images that belong to the people who lent them for us to use. Those images are © their owners.)

I am going to be able to spend a day or two in Grand Rapids after the 354th Reunion and The Mustang Legends Air Show. My plans are to drive to Grand Rapids on Saturday night and spend Sunday and Monday getting shots of places where Bill lived and hung out. Although we were just there, we did not really get enough video footage.

I just spoke to someone at East Grand Rapids High School and they located the 1938 yearbook. This is the year Bill graduated. I will go and take some digital photos for use in the film. Bill's last name in high school was WOLF. His last name later changed to PERKINS. Bill is in many photos in the 1937 yearbook that I saw at the public library a few weeks ago. I am also going to spend more time at the public library doing more research.

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