Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sesnon (Porter Ranch) Fire

My roommate and I were evacuated due to the Sesnon Fire in Porter Ranch, California on Monday. Luckily my roommate had called me at 11:30 am and I was home by 12:00 noon to pack as much as I could. (The fire had started at 10:30 am.)

The fire had grown so quickly, that by 2 PM the fire trucks came through the neighborhood and called for a mandatory evacuation. (By this time most of the residents were gone.)

The smoke and ash was thick. My roommate helped me pack as much of the video and photos and computers as we could. We then drove out of our gated community and were astonished how the heat of the fire could be felt through the side of our cars. The smoke was so thick you could not see more than ten feet ahead.

Once we got down the hill, we spent a few hours at a friend's house.

We did not return to our house until late Tuesday night. Luckily there was no damage to our house. The fire department did a great job saving all the houses in our community! They are heroes!

Thanks to everyone who has called to check on us! Everything turned out fine for us!

(This photo is from The LA Times)

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