Sunday, December 20, 2009


I got this email last week from a researcher who is looking for more information about Glenn Eagleston's plane. If you can help - please email him! Thanks!

Hello Sir,

We are just completing an original P-51D for a museum. We are in need of correct details of the
paint scheme, colors and nose art for Feeble Eagle.

We are hoping that either the family of Glenn Eagleston or his crew chief or the painter may have more and better pictures.. Possibly the painter is still living?

Our questions

1. Was the Eagle on both sides?

2. Was the paint British Oil? Or Enamel?

3. Hand painting or airbrush? or Both?

4. How were the kill markings applied? Air brush? Stencil? Hand paint?

5. What is the background color of the kill markings?

This would be of critical help. The Mustang is going into a very credible museum and we need to get it right.

Thanks in advance for any help or contact information

Jeff Thomas
Champion Air Group
Jeff Thomas

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