Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Brooks Tegler Big Band

Recently, I was contacted by a Big Band drummer/leader who is an admirer of the 354th Fighter Group. His name is Brooks Tegler.

He has a marvelous youtube account that showcases his talented groups of musicians. It is found at

Here is one of the songs of a bygone era that you will love:

The Brooks Tegler Big Band /

"One O'Clock Jump"

And here is one of my personal favorite songs :

"Sing, Sing, Sing" 

Take a look at his youtube channel. I am sure you will love the music!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bob Stephens' son, Jeff

One of the neat things about being involved with this project is meeting new friends or family members of the men of the 354th.
Recently Jeff Stephens, Bob Stephens son, sent me an email. Bob Stephens was in the 355th Fighter Squadron. Jeff has made several patches with the 355's logo - (see photo).

If you want one, he has a few left for sale at a very reasonable cost. He can be contacted at . He did a great job reproducing the Pugnacious Pups' 355th Fighter Squadron logo! By the way, the patches are 4.5 inches across.

Jeff has sent me some cool info and photos about his father's training to become one a member of the 354th Fighter Group. It is much appreciated!


A few weeks ago, a schoolmate from my elementary school told me that there was a photo of me and some friends for sale on ebay. Back in the late 1970s my brother and friends and I used to make Super 8 movies together. One day while shooting our "feature film" in Coral Gables, Florida a news paper still photographer took our photo for the newspaper. This photo was being sold by a newspaper photo archive. It was fun to see this photo!