Friday, April 24, 2009

Website showing one of the places where I am hoping to visit in France

Take a look at this website...

One of the photos on the site shows a plaque that was placed at the bottom of a WWII memorial to honor Lt. William Perkins of the 354th Fighter Group for giving his life for the liberation of France.

This town(Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly) is where I am hoping to get to in May. I believe that there is wreckage of his plane still in the town somewhere. In 1997, Charles Simonson of the 356th Fighter Squadron attended the dedication of the memorial plaque and there were still photos of a wheel and metal from the plane.

I hope to get there to shoot some video of the town and the place nearby where Perkins was shot down.

I only have a few short weeks to do more research and to contact some people who may know more about this town...

I am very thankful Charles Simonson told us about this place when we met him!!!

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crfranki said...

Jon, these are beautiful pictures....I am so glad you will be going to France, will you go to the National Cemetery where Bill is buried...This should be such an exciting trip. I wish you had more time. Keep in touch with me...Lots of love, MOM