Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Video: Lt. Col. Cary W. Salter names his planes

Lt. Col. Cary W. Salter, Jr. names his plane "Charlotte's Chariot II" after his wife.


Mike in Georgia said...

Tried to email you directly. Great site, have spent hours here. Love the interviews and the documents.

Is your documentary complete and available on DVD yet?

Mike in Georgia

Jon Teboe said...

Hi Mike!!!

Thanks for the emails.

Nope, the complete documentary is not finished yet. But I have posted many completed segments on my youtube account (flashframe1966).

My main goal of the last few months is to get as many segments featuring the men finished and uploaded for them and their families to enjoy!

I'm not too sure when the complete documentary will be done. I am still hoping to get some funding to finish it and air on cable tv someday.

Thanks for viewing, it means a lot!

Jon Teboe