Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Video: The Death of Mack Tyner

Charles Simonson and Jim Edwards talk about the death of Mack Tyner in March of 1944.


Kathy Dodson Pace said...

Thanks so much for doing this. As the stories about his death were passed down to my generation, we must've lost some things or maybe never knew them to begin with. I'll pass this on to the rest of the family still with us.

Kathy, Mack's great niece

Jon Teboe said...

Thanks for the comment, Kathy. It is comments like yours that mean so much to me! The tragic death of Mack brought to light a flaw with the bolts in the new airplanes and they were all grounded until correct replacement parts were located. This knowledge helped prevent many others from sharing the same fate as Mack!(Thanks for passing it along to his family. He and his sacrifice were not forgotten!)