Monday, November 26, 2012

The best thing about this WWII video project is when I get emails from family members of the men of the 354th Fighter Group that I have not heard from before.

Last week I received an email from a son of one of the crew chiefs. He had seen a photo of his father featured in our video about Kong Wah Kau on youtube.

He contacted me and I finally discovered the name of Chuck Tighe's crew chief!

Crew Chief Fred G. Sollberger (left) and Chuck Tighe (right) pose in this photo.

I don't think Chuck kept in touch with Fred after the war, but during our interviews with Chuck he mentioned how much respect he had for his crew chief. He explained that the crew chiefs kept the pilots alive by keeping their planes in top condition.

I was able to find a few more photos of Fred G. Sollberger in the photos Chuck lent me for this video project. I sent them on to Fred's family.

Fred G. Sollberger and Chuck Tighe

Crew Chief Fred G. Sollberger
Fred G. Sollberger and unknown

Crew Chief Fred G. Sollberger

Chuck viewed this blog a lot and always sent me emails about the posts. Chuck passed away a few weeks ago. I will miss him. I know Chuck would be very happy that we connected with his crew chief's family and sent them his photos!

Fred passed away in 1972.

Rest in Peace, Chuck and Fred.

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