Sunday, February 3, 2013

NEW VIDEO - Alfred B. Styrsky Video Tribute

Captain Alfred B. Styrsky served in the 356th Fighter Squadron of the 354th Fighter Group. This video tribute is based on the article written by Al's children that appears on the website.

All original music was written by my brother, Rene Michael Teboe.

Thanks to the Styrsky Family for the use of their father's WWII photo and film collection.

Additional info:

Al Styrsky retired from the Air Force as a Captain.

"Operation Greenhouse" was a series of tests. I have posted two declassified films about them.

The dog's name in the video was "Flak." Alfred Strysky told his son that "some people named him "NYB" for "Not Yet Boresighted" due to one of the dog's eyes not tracking the same."

Thanks for the additional information, Al, Jr.!


LAMb said...

We love your work, Mr. Teboe!

--daughter Lou Anne

Jon Teboe said...

Thanks so much, Lou Anne! It means a lot to hear that. It is neat that through this project I have been able to correspond with people that my relative hung out with during the war. I know my relative William R. Perkins was friends with your dad, Alfred Styrsky and they flew together before William was KIA.