Saturday, April 19, 2014

British Pathe Newsreel of the 354th FIghter Group

I posted this newsreel before in 2012 - but only recently British Pathe posted much better copies of their newsreels on their youtube channel.

Bill Davis and Lowell Brueland (and others) can be seen in this footage.

Although the Pathe site lists this as 1943 is is obviously 1944. Mainly because you can see the D-day stripes. Painted just days before June 6, 1944.

William Louie (an original 354th member) sent me an email about this :

 Hi Jon, I think these shots were taken at Lashhenden after D-day. Our planes still have the complete D-day stripes, and are operating with wing tanks in most of the scenes. I don't think we had many long range missions when we got over to A-2, in early July,'44.

It's great to get this first hand info from a man who was there! Thanks, Will.

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