Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to Our New 354th Documentary Blog

We have moved most of our information and photos to this blog.

For now on, all new information will be posted here instead of the original website.

We recently had a total of over 2000 separate hits since I started keeping track of how many visits we have had to that website. My renewal for that site is due in a few months and I am getting close to my posting limit, so I have started this blog.

What is great is that now a lot more people surfing will see our site. I can post unlimited video on and many photos in photo albums on I think this will make it easier to view this blog and it should load more easier for visitors to the site.

There are links in some posts that will take you to these other sites for photos and videos.

The left hand side of the blog page has a section called ONLINE RESOURCES. There are some links to other websites that will be of interest to visitors of this site. The first two on the list are the main pages of my and websites.

I want to thank my friend Stella who taught me a lot about how to set this blog up. I really learned a lot! Her blog is wellaboveaverage/ . Take a look at her posts about her life in Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Jon, this looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon,

I would like to let you know that I am working on the blog on strafing missions of the 9th Air Force in then Czechoslovakia. I am trying to inedtify a unit that was performed a particular attack.

As far as I know aircraft of the 354th FG were dispatched over this territory at least on April 20, 22, 24, and 26, 1945. 2/Lt Holcomb crashed and was KIA on April 26, 1945 north of Prague. His remains were recovered after the war and transferred to a military cemetery in Europe or in the United States.

Yours sincerely, Filip Vojtasek, Prague, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
Blog on strafing missions