Sunday, December 13, 2009

354th Photo Found on FOOTNOTE.COM

Here is a photo from FOOTNOTE.COM I found this morning. Jim Howard is the only one named. Do you recognize anyone else?

Existing Photo Information :

Publication Title: Black and White and Color Photographs of U.S. Air Force and Predecessor Agencies Activities, Facilities, and Personnel - World War II
Content Source: NARA
Partner: NARA
Footnote Publication Year: 2007
Classified Status: This image has been declassified under the following NARA Authority: NND983062
Short Description: This series of photos documents an important era in US military aviation history, especially activities of the US Air Force during World War II.
War Theater Number: 12
War Theater: Europe
Place: England
Category: Crews
Sub Category: Fighter
Short Caption: Fighter Pilots Of Th...
Caption: Fighter Pilots Of The 9Th Air Force Squadron, Based At Boxted, England, Chat Informally Before Taking Off On A Mission Over Enemy Territory. They Are, Left To Right: 1St Lt. Franklyn E. Hendrickson Of Long Island, 1St Lt. William E. Pitcher Of Spokane, W
Photo Series: WWII
History: Original 4" x 5" (Lot No. 7363) received 26 February 1944.
NARA Reference Number: 342-FH-3A12429-79916AC
Record Group: 342
Series: FH