Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Photos from Jon's Trip to France

Jon Teboe flying the same flight path Lt. Perkins flew. It was Perkins' last flight. He crashed and was killed in the morning of June 13, 1944.

John Torchio arranged the flight. He is a WW2 historian and through his research learned the path of the last flight Perkins flew.

The town of Notre Dame de Cenilly's church. Perkins was first buried here until his remains were moved. This was very near where Perkins' last flight took place.

John Torchio shows Jon Teboe the barn that Perkins flew over during his last flight.

John Torchio shows Jon Teboe the place where Perkins flew down to strafe a convey of German soldiers on June 13, 1944.

Down the road from the barn is where Perkins' P-51 crashed.

John Torchio looks at his research notebook on Lt. Perkins of the 354th Fighter Group. This is where Perkins' body landed.

John Torchio points to where Perkins' body and plane landed.

John Torchio points to where the engine of the P-51 came to a stop.

What an incredible trip I had. Much thanks to John Torchio and all the people he arranged for me to meet!!!!

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