Friday, May 2, 2008


I received an email from Filip Vojtasek of Prague, Czech Republic.

Filip is looking for information about former Lt. O'Connell of the 353rd Squadron. He says O'Connell was shot down in a dogfight over Czechoslovakia on April 20, 1945.

Does anyone know if Lt. O'Connell is still around? He would really like to find out! Did he ever attend any of the 354th reunions?

His website is

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, you may find interesting that at least two pilots of the 354th FG were lost over the territory of what was Czechoslovakia then: Lt Holcomb on April 26, 1945 (KIA; NW of Prague) and Lt O'Connell on April 20, 1945 (MIA; probably on the south-east outskirts of Prague). It is not clear where F/O Brown's aircraft was lost on April 22, 1945. It was reported to hit trees while strafing in the vicinity of Pilsen.
Regards, Filip

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, this is to correct the previous message: F/O Brown was reported MIA on April 20, 1945.
Regards, Filip