Monday, May 12, 2008

Special Photographic Effect

Original Photo loaned by William W. Louie.

Using a computer program from Apple called MOTION, I will be adding some 3-D movement to the original 2-D photographs that the men and the families of the 354th have let us use for the documentary.

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to let us use their personal photos for our important documentary!!!

Especially to Daniel Carrizales and William W. Louie who were the first to loan us photos and get the ball rolling on this documentary project!

This photo from Will is of a man named Jack Wimer. Will has also let us use hundreds of scans from his collection of Jack's personal documents from the war. Among these documents are scans of the original typed historical record of the 356th Fighter Squad and Jack's typed note cards that documented important events from the 354th Fighter Group. Some of these scans will be used to accent dates in our film. You can see an example of these in the "Hitler's Secret Weapon" clip I added to this blog a few days ago.

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